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    Unlock the secret to youthful skin with our Anti-Aging Bundle. Featuring a complete set of natural, effective solutions, it's your all-in-one regimen for radiant, age-defying beauty.

    Amandola Milk Cleanser

    Discover the gentle touch of amandola milk cleanser, enriched with milk proteins and natural plant essences. Its non-foaming formula removes impurities while oat and wheat gluten hydrate and brighten your skin.

    YTH Serum

    yth serum contains retin-a and liposomal vitamin c to moisturize the skin, soften fine lines, and brighten your complexion; along with potent antioxidants to control breakouts and reduce premature aging.

    Myo-Cyte Plus

    revitalize your skin with Myo-Cyte Plus, a peptide-rich serum designed to enhance firmness and reduce fine lines. Experience a youthful glow with our advanced collagen-boosting formula.

    how to use

    begin your skincare routine in the evening with the amandola milk cleanser. apply a small amount to your damp face and neck, gently massaging in circular motions to remove impurities, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. after cleansing, apply a small amount of yth serum to your face and neck, gently tapping into the skin until fully absorbed. due to retin-a's presence, it's best to use this serum in the evening to avoid sun sensitivity, and follow up with a moisturizer if needed.

    in the morning, after using the amandola milk cleanser again, apply myo-cyte plus to your face and neck. massage gently until it is absorbed. since retin-a increases sun sensitivity, conclude your morning routine with a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from uv damage.


    Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its hydrating properties, it helps retain moisture in the skin.
    Peptides: These ingredients support collagen and elastin production for smoother, plumper skin.
    Antioxidants: Ingredients like Vitamin C provide protection against free radicals and environmental damage.
    Retinol: A potent ingredient for skin renewal and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    Sunscreen: Sunscreen ingredients protect the skin from UV damage.

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