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    Federn bei zweieinhalb Zoll

    Verbessern Sie Ihre Reinigungsleistung mit Präzision und Kunstfertigkeit mit diesem federleichten Esti-Tool.

    Das Hauptmaterial dieser Bürsten sind seidig weiche, weiße Ziegenhaarborsten. Diese Naturborsten ermöglichen eine sanfte und effektive Anwendung von Hautpflegeprodukten und sorgen für ein Spa-ähnliches Erlebnis und makellose Ergebnisse.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    McKenzie Martinez

    I just opened my studio and I’m sooooo glad I got these! QUALITY UNMATCHED! The fluffiness of these brushes are insane and the gua sha…. girlllll! I’m going to wholesale everything ASAP!

    Congratulations on opening your studio! We're thrilled to hear that our Fan Brushes and gua sha have swept you off your feet with their quality and fluffiness! Can't wait for you to wholesale everything and spread the magic! Here's to a flourishing studio and fabulous skin!

    Alyssa Flood

    They are amazing super fluffy!

    Thank you for your fabulous review! We're delighted to hear our fan brushes have fluffed their way into your heart, proving themselves to be the soft, fluffy heroes of your makeup routine. It sounds like they're not just brushes, but feathery friends making every application a breeze. Keep enjoying that fluffy fabulousness – may your makeup moments be as light and airy as the brushes themselves! ️️✨


    Love these facial brushes so soft will be purchasing more soon!

    We're thrilled to hear our fan brushes are 'brushing up' your beauty routine with their soft touch! It's great that they've painted such a happy stroke on your skincare canvas. We're looking forward to your next 'art supply' restock. Keep enjoying the gentle sweep of luxury! 🖌️✨


    The brushes are super soft and feel very sturdy, you can feel that they’re good quality. The only issue I’ve had so far is that they shed pretty bad. Not a terrible thing, bug it can be a bit annoying when in service. They also hold quite a bit of product so they don’t work super well with certain things. Overall though, they’re good brushes and I don’t regret purchasing them.

    We're delighted to hear that our fan brushes have painted a stroke of quality in your routine with their softness and sturdiness! It sounds like they're almost too generous in holding onto your products. We appreciate your candid feedback on the shedding – it seems they're just trying to share a bit of themselves with every masterpiece. Your insights are invaluable as we brush up on making our products even better. Here's to a continued partnership in beauty, with fewer stray hairs and more flawless applications! 🖌️✨


    So soft!

    We're thrilled to hear our fan brushes sweep you off your feet with softness! It seems they're not just brushes but gentle whispers of luxury for your skin. Keep enjoying the soft embrace of each stroke and may your skincare routine always feel like a caress of clouds! 🖌️☁️✨

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