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    Banish Pigmentation: Discover the Ultimate Skincare Products for Flawless Skin


    If you've ever had to deal with pigmentation in the skin, you'll understand the struggle to find the right products that will work for you. Pigmentation can make our skin look uneven and age us prematurely. Whether it’s acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, or age spots, it can make us feel self-conscious and harm our self-esteem. But don't worry, your search for a solution is over! We have put together a list of potent, effective, and result-driven products that not only correct existing pigment but also help prevent it from forming in the future. Get ready to learn how to get the most even and glowy skin!


    What is Pigmentation?


    Before we jump into products, let’s learn a bit about pigmentation. Pigmentation is formed in the melanocytes, where the amino acid Tyrosine produces melanin. These cells lie at the deepest part of the epidermis, which is why it can be difficult to treat. When we’re dealing with an excess of pigment, that is due to the melanocytes being overactive. With that being said, when looking for products to help correct this concern, we want to look for pigment inhibitors/tyrosinase inhibitors. These ingredients will work at a cellular level to brighten, lighten, and reduce pigmentation for the best skin of your life!


    Product Recommendations



    To kick us off, consider the  Circadia White Veil Brightener. It's packed with powerful pigment inhibitors like Alpha-Arbutin and niacinamide that tackle existing skin discoloration while also warding off future formation. It's a long-term preventative measure for your skin to keep your skin cells happy! For $92.50, it's a worthy investment for the health of your skin. 


    Another option is the AnteAGE Brightener. This product contains a potent 5% tranexamic acid and exosomes, making it a star in treating both anti-aging and brightening concerns. Exosomes are growth factors that help your skin cells best communicate with each other, and when this happens, our skin can look and feel its best! For $162.50, this product is worth the investment to treat multiple skin concerns in a very effective way.


    Compared to the  Circadia White Veil Brightener, the AnteAGE Brightener might be better suited for mature skin types due to the added exosomes. However, it can also serve as a useful preventative measure for age management and for looking to get ahead of the game.


    Another excellent product to explore is the  Even Tone Correcting Serum by SkinBetter Science. This product pairs a high-quality vitamin C with pigment inhibitors like Hexylresorcinol, Alpha-ArbutinDiglucosyl Gallic Acid, and more to deliver corrective and preventative benefits to your skin. This special blend of ingredients helps to correct browns, reds, and yellows in the skin for an overall even complexion. This serum comes out to $160 but offers almost two full ounces of pigment-fighting goodness. You get some bang for your buck with this one!





     If you want to kick it up a notch, the  Circadia Bright White Serum is an ultra-concentrated spot treatment for those pesky dark spots! It contains vitamin C, Tyrostat-1, Regufade, and more. Because this is such a potent product, we do not recommend it for all-over use, but it slays those stubborn areas! This serum can be combined with any of the serums mentioned above for an extra kick and to jumpstart the results process.

    These products mentioned have been crucial in helping our clients atBOHOreach their skin goals for the skin for their dreams! They are powerful and highly effective yet gentle on the skin and boy do they deliver on their claims! 




    Who is affected by pigmentation?


    Now, you might be wondering about the statistics of skin pigmentation. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, approximately 5 to 6 million women in the United States suffer from skin pigmentation (1). Moreover, a study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal indicates that pigmentary disorders are the third most common dermatologic disorder (2). So if you’re ever feeling self-conscious about pigmentation, just know that you are not alone! By incorporating appropriate and effective products, consistency, and routine professional treatments, an even complexion is on its way!


    With this in mind, pigmentation is a prevalent problem. Thankfully, brands likeBohemia Skincare, the brainchild of Holly Tanella, are on hand to provide us with quality skincare solutions. Tanella is the founder ofBOHO Med Spa, and she's the expert hands behind our viral ASMR Facials. She truly is a skincare queen!




    To sum it all up, dealing with pigmentation can feel like an uphill battle. Still, with the right products like the ones mentioned above, you can confidently stride towards brighter, even-toned skin. Try to focus on products that offer both corrective and preventative measures - your skin will thank you!



    BOHO Med Spa Esthetician


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